North Gate Jazz Co-op

Since 2006

Nestled near the historic North Gate of Chiang Mai’s old city, North Gate Jazz Co-op is a cornerstone of the local jazz scene, renowned for its intimate live performances and vibrant community atmosphere. Founded as a haven for jazz enthusiasts, the venue offers a stage for both seasoned and emerging artists, creating a unique space where the rhythms of jazz foster connections among musicians and patrons alike.


With its cozy ambiance and commitment to the authentic jazz experience, North Gate Jazz Co-op has become a cultural hub in Chiang Mai, drawing visitors from around the globe. The bar’s dedication to showcasing diverse jazz styles, alongside its role in promoting social and cultural events, cements its status as a must-visit destination for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the world of jazz music.

The North Gate - Arkive

13th Years Anniversary Since 2020

Established in 2020 to commemorate the 13th anniversary of the renowned North Gate Jazz Co-Op in Chiang Mai, The Northgate – ArKive offers a serene retreat on the 4th floor. This intimate cocktail bar features a cozy mini bar serving signature cocktails, complemented by live music from a small band. Perfect for those seeking a quieter ambiance while still enjoying the vibrant musical atmosphere below.

Founded in 2019, the Chiang Mai Street Jazz Festival quickly evolved into an annual celebration of unity, diversity, and the enchanting world of jazz. Organized by Chiang Mai’s jazz bars, this festival transcends being just an event; it is a powerful expression of freedom and love for music, celebrating diversity and enriching the cultural landscape of Chiang Mai. The festival’s commitment to promoting jazz and inspiring positive societal change makes it a testament to unity and resilience.

Chiang Mai Touch is a collective of visionaries and leaders committed to the sustainable development of Chiang Mai. Rooted in the city’s rich heritage and aligned with global sustainability goals, our diverse team tackles challenges in education, social welfare, economic development, and environmental conservation. More than an organization, we are a movement fostering community and collaboration to shape a brighter, more sustainable future for Chiang Mai.

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