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Low Fat Food

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Low-Fat Foods
A good rule of thumb when you’re reading food labels: For every 100 calories, if the product has 3 grams of fat or less, it’s a low-fat product. This means 30% or less of the calories come from fat.
Foods like margarine, mayonnaise, and some salad dressings that get most of their calories from fat must have half or less than half the fat of the regular version of the food to be called “light.” These foods don’t have to meet the 30% cutoff for number of calories from fat to be considered low-fat. (See “Other foods” below.)
Low-fat foods to choose from
Dairy and dairy-like products
Low-fat (1%) or fat-free (skim) yogurt, cottage cheese, or milk
Neufchatel or “light” cream cheese or fat-free cream cheese
Fat-free American cheese or other types of fat-free cheeses
Fish, meat, poultry, and other protein
Egg whites or egg substitutes
Crab, white fish, shrimp, and light tuna (packed in water)
Chicken and turkey breast (without skin), or ground turkey breast
The American Cancer Society recommends limiting processed and red meats in the diet, but if you choose to eat them, choose lean cuts (look for “loin” in the name), or extra-lean ground beef. Braise, roast, or cook them without adding fats
Beans, peas, and lentils, cooked (or canned) without added fats or fatty meats (grains or cereal in your daily food intake make this add up to a complete protein)
Veggie burgers
Grains, cereals, and pastas
Hot (oatmeal or grits) and cold cereals (except granola types)
Rice or noodles (watch out for fat in sauces you may add). Choose whole grain versions like brown rice
Whole grain bagels, pita bread, or English muffins
Low-fat crackers and breads
Soft tortillas – corn or whole wheat
Fruits and vegetables
Fruits, including fresh, frozen, or canned (in their own juice)
Vegetables, including fresh, frozen, or canned (choose lower-sodium varieties)
Other foods
Broth type soups with a vegetable base
Sauces, pudding, or shakes made with skim milk
These foods supply half the fat (or less) than the regular version of the food, but most of their calories still come from fat. They should be used in small amounts by people on low-fat diets:
Light margarine and mayonnaise
Reduced-calorie or fat-free salad dressings
Non-stick cooking spray

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