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The First Americans Were Moors: United States Census Bureau’s ‘Great White Majority’ Hoax

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Fisher Jack March 17, 2017

America a Negro Continent
It has been widely known by most of the elite academic global population of Europeans “the whites” along with the Spaniards and others that ancient post-colonial America both North and South was, populated by melanated black and brown people with desirable, rich thriving civilizations, remarkable cities, global commerce, and trade.
The myth that Columbus, Spain, England or any other foreign innovator came to the Americas for any reason other than to kill, plunder, destroy, loot and enslave is a lie of monumental magnitude. It’s a lie to the third power times Google; without question one of the biggest undocumented mass genocides of all time. With the destruction of over 200 million-plus indigenous, natives, Indians, and people of color in the Americas (North and South).
The melenated First Americans in some cases were driven to mere extinction and all this was happening right here in the United States, as the founding fathers pondered – life, liberty and the pursuit of property. The new constitution in the “land of the free” was being envisioned by European slaveholders.
In fact, the lie that all native Americans died of disease and war is another alternative-(Alt-truth) and revisionary history hoax.
Because the fact is that 20 million+ indigenous people were not killed nor did they die in the Americas – but because of their skin tone … a darker hue – e n s l a v e d, and reclassified on the US Censes as colored, Negro, Black, Mulatto, in some cases “white and finally African American, no matter their linage, ethnicity or nationality.
With the stroke of a pen an entire civilization was erased and stricken from global history forever, denying the original indigenous their true American identity.
United States Census Numbers don’t add up?
Where did all the Caucasian Europeans come from?
How can Europeans, a wondering tribe, descendants from the caves of the Caucasus mountains, a hostile desolate, icy waste-land, claim to be the American and global majority, when the “plague” wipe out most of their population during Europe’s “dark ages?”
The “Bubonic Plague,” also known as the “Black Death,” utterly destroyed the majority of Europe’s population during the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries … sweeping through the peninsula with grave consequences. Most of us are taught that Europe is a continent. However, to some, that point is debatable.
The suffering and death finally ended with the “Great Plague” taking place in 1665 through 1666 which was to strike the final blow to a struggling population on the brink of elimination. The plague would claimed over 50 million people 60% of the European population before it concluded. It’s still a mystery as to what caused such mass human destruction, however filth, rodents, and close proximity to animals are documented as possible causes.
So how could Europeans have the 100 million+ people available to leave and travel across the ocean to populate America in such vast numbers? The answer? It is mathematically impossible, and would have crippled Europe’s economics systems, had that many people abandoned the commonwealth, the entire structure and civilization would have collapsed.

Eugenic Manipulation of Census Numbers, The Great White Hoax
White Americans 1790 – 2010:
Year Population % of the US
1790 3,172,006 80.7
1800 4,306,446 81.1
1810 5,862,073 81.0
1820 7,866,797 81.6
1830 10,532,060 81.9
1840 14,189,705 83.2
1850 19,553,068 84.3
1860 26,922,537 85.6
1870 33,589,377 87.1
1880 43,402,970 86.5
1890 55,101,259 87.5
In just 100 years the European American population grew by 51,929,253. How can this be? Manipulation of the data?
1900 66,809196 87.9
1910 81,731,957 88.9
1920 94,820,915 89.7
1930 110,286,740 89.8
1940 118,214,870 89.8
1950 134,942,028 89.5
1960 158,831,028 88.6
1970 177,748,975 87.5
1980 188, 371,622 83.1
1990 199,686,070 80.3
2000 211,460,626 75.1
2010 223,553,265 72.4
In one hundred and ten additional years we are led to believe that a total of 220,381,258 more Europeans immigrants arrived in America. This too is fake information and a mathematically impossible equation.
So with all the crusades, the revolutionary war, civil war, and all of the other perpetual wars, as well as illnesses, plagues, cultural mixing, natural and accidental deaths … where did all of the “whites” come from … if 60% of their population was wiped out in the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries by the Bubonic Plague.

America’s Racist Code
According to Wikipedia, “the term White people is a racial classification of European ancestry. Large group of ( mainly Europeans ) population contrasting with ‘black,’ American Indian, ‘colored’ or non-white originated in the 17th century.”
Today the term is used as a racial classification in multiracial societies, including North Africa, United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, South Africa and the Middle East. Various social constructs of whiteness have been significant to racial segregation, white privilege, Eugenics, racial marginalization and racial quotas.
The word “white race” or “white people” entered the major European languages in the late 17th century, in the context of racialized slavery and unequal status in European colonies.

Classified as Colored
The Jewish, Irish, Greeks, Scottish, Italians, along with the Chinese, Japanese and people of Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands, were all referred to as “colored” through the 18th century, then some assimilated and became “white.”
United States Census
Total USA European Population: 246,660,710?
The US Census Bureau now defines “white” as those having origins in any of the original people of Europe, the Middle East ( Africa ) or North Africa, a predominantly Black continent.
Who are the real “whites?”
The largest population of American Europeans are:
German 16.5%
Irish 11.9%
English 9.2%
Italian 5.5%
Mexican 5.4%
French 4%
Polish 3%
Scottish 1.9%
Dutch 1.6%
Norwegian 1.5%
Swedish 1.4%
Here the slight of hands, Census has incorporated the white population to includes White-Hispanics, however without them the European population numbers decrease substantially. As you see individually they are the real minority in ever specific ethic and nationality category. The category “white” is a modern racist construct and means absolutely nothing, it is a make-believe reality. The Matrix.
Bubonic Plague
The Bubonic Plague also referred to as “the great plague” swept through Europe in the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries, killing an estimated 50 million people, 60% of the entire European population. So it’s impossible for the numbers of Europeans quoted in the US Censes, coming to America as immigrants to be valid or true. It’s alternative reality (alt-reality.)
Paper Genocide
Many Acts of “Paper Genocide” have occurred within the United States federal census since 1790. Of those Censes records incorrect data continues to be carried over into vital records offices even today.
Director of Vital Statistics
In 1912 Walter Plecker was appointed the first Director of Vital Statistics. A position he held until his death in 1946. Known as the father of the Eugenics movement, his ultimate goal was to create one superior white race. By eliminating the original Indigenous people of color from the American continent and replacing the ethnicity of some fair-skinned indigenous by classifying them as “white” or European, that would be the only way such a large number of phantom Europeans could possibly appear on censes records like magic.
This paper Genocide tactic would spread to all 50 states in America. Plecker, through personal letters, encouraged all vital statistic records offices to take part.
This method of systemic exclusion is called “denationalization, where people are classified according to their hue, and/or dark skin color, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, bloodline or lineage. “The Eugenics movement was, white supremacy clocked in science.”
“The Negro as a laborer is valuable, and if it were possible to preserve the race in purity with him in our midst, he could be a great asset. We have them as the greatest problem and most destructive force which confronts the white race and American civilization.” — Walter Plecker , MD, State Resistor of Vital Statistics
On March 20, 1924 the Virginia General Assembly passed two laws that rose out of the contemporary censes about Eugenics and race. SB219 titled “The Racial Integrity Act” and SB 281 “an act to provide for the sexual sterilization of inmates of state institutions in certain cases,” henceforth referred to as “The Sterilization Act.”
The Racial Integrity Act of 1924 was one of a series of laws designed to prevent interracial relationships. The Act stood until 1967.
Plecker and his Eugenics movement created a paper genocide that has been as effective as the physical extermination of the Jews by simply erasing antiquities, Blacks and indigenous people of color from the ancient American landscape with the stroke of an ink pen.

The Great American Myth – African Americans 13% of the US Population?
According to the United States Census Bureau the so-called African Americans (Negroes) not including Blacks from Africa, stand at only 13% for over 20 -30 years.
By using this equation and statistics it is impossible to remain at a constant percentage over a prolonged period of time. You either increase or decrease the population or go extinct. Based on the number of Blacks in the Americas prior to European conquest and colonization, the Black population in the Americas (North and South) is estimated to well exceed 60 -100 million + today!
European Global Majority Myth
With 1.1 billion+ Black people currently living in Africa and large numbers of uncounted black and brown – melanated people – all over the globe and diaspora, it would be impossible for Europeans to be the global majority. Case in point, Brazil with 95 million Blacks which is more than some countries in Africa. Additionally, there are 9 million+ Blacks on the island of Haiti, 1.5 million in Cuba. Jamaica is home to 2 million + and Venezuela’s Black population exceeds 3 million. Also, according to global censes reports, there over 22 million Blacks in the Caribbean, 110 million residing in South America and just over 7 million in Europe.
So, how can Europeans claim to be the global majority?
Our conclusion is purely mathematical, and basic calculations show us that the United States and global censi, along with the accepted narrative of European majority/domination is indeed a “Great White Hoax.” It’s a mere parlor game, a manipulation of data and facts to control the illusion of majority rule.
“Abracadabra” is an Arabic word that means “It is Because I Say it Is”
We have all heard the term abracadabra used in magic tricks but most never knew what it really meant, thinking it was a made up phrase, or game-word utilized by magicians meaning absolutely nothing. Well now you know, “It is because I say it is.” So Abracadabra!

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