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Happy Holi-Dey Family!

By   /  Fri 13 Dhul Hijjah 1439AH 24-8-2018AD  /  No Comments

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I.S.L.A.M Family (I am, Self, Law, And Master)

It is such a wonderful Dey to be alive, I know some of you are shocked by what we have been posting and doing here at northgate.network, but somebody has to do it. The truth it seems as if it is something of the past, that we are scared to talk about because we are so comfortable with all the bullshit, fuckery, over-stimulation, entertainment, sex, drugs, etc. Most of us don’t see what is going on around us right in our face. I just want to provide a little context to what that is, how it happened, and how to combat all the negativity of this Spiritual War we are so deeply embedded in. We live in a Age were we believe all the Tel-Lies-On-Vision (T.V.), radio, and the internet without doing our own research. Then we feed that toxic gruel to our Babies an so on an so. We perpetuate our own ignorance, on top of the fact we let foreign invaders (Europeans) “so called” white men tell us who we are, while dictating to the world a negative image of us to the world as if we the indigenous people of North, South, Central America and the adjoining islands are savages, sub-human, negroes, black, colored, latino, indian, brown, yellow, Puerto Rican and any other stateless name they decide to call us for now. That time is over! Which is the reason we decided to start our own media outlet to take that control back of our image and shine the Light (TRUTH) in the darkness (falsehood). We will be posting and sharing many different articles some originals, but most of the information we will be sharing is Ancient Knowledge, nothing is new under the Sun, that most would not be able to obtain due to social status as of times past, but we live in an Age Of Information, and we literally have the world in our hands, Take advantage of that fact! Research everything you come across on this blog. I hope we spark the brains of many out of the spell we have been placed under. It is up to you now, you can take the blue pill and your life will go back to normal as you know it, but if you take the red pill, your life as you know will change and you can never go back to what your life used to be. Make a choice, Peace family!   

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