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12 Sacred Keys

By   /  Mon 28 Shaban 1439AH 14-5-2018AD  /  No Comments

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  1. The Law of Potential (Shambhala)
  2. The Law of Grace (Inner Earth)
  3. The Law of Surrender (Earth Star)
  4. The Law of Action (Base Chakra)
  5. The Law of Rhythm (Sacral Chakra)
  6. The Law of Free Will (Solar Plexus)
  7. The Law of Vibration (Throat Chakra)
  8. The Law of Cause & Effect (Third Eye)
  9. The Law of Wisdom (Crown Chakra)
  10. The Law of Evolution (Soul Star)
  11. The Law of Polarity (Stellar Gateway)
  12. The Law of Purpose (Universal Gateway)
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